Monday, March 15, 2021

Wow, someone made playlists of my compilations!

Holy crap.... Ok, so a long while back I made some compilations of music that inspired my cyberpunk games... I mean we are talking 14 full CD's worth of music here. It's a ridiculously diverse and eclectic mix, I even made CD covers and labels.  We are talking 14 full CD's worth of music.  CD are what people listened to music on between 1990 and 2010 children...  I shared those labels and the track lists on Datafortress 2020 just for kicks.  I wish I could share the files themselves, but I skirt things enough as it is. You can see all of it here:

Anyway, today, just out of sheer luck, I discovered that someone aptly named Hero1980 created Youtube playlists for each volume of my compilations.  How awesome is that.  Apparently he creates lots and lots and lots of gaming playlists.  You can find the Datafortress playlists, as well as a metric ton of other awesome playlists here:

I am constantly amazed and grateful at people who take my ideas and run with them.  Citizen X turning my NC District map interactive, Agamemnon re-editing my Conflict sourcebooks, Author Seth Skorkowsky promoting Interlock Unlimited (twice) on his phenomenal podcast There have been many contributors to the site, and I am deeply grateful to all of them, and there are a slew of my sourcebooks that people have taken upon themselves to make useful edits to, that unfortunately I have not been able to get up on the site yet. I feel genuinely bad about that, maybe even worse than not being able to write new stuff myself.  I also have a large list of Donors to the site that will eventually be turned into NPC's.
Thank you all.


Thursday, March 11, 2021

Tales From The Forlorn Dopes - Me and Cybersmiley have a new regular chat!


Greetings Programs.  From messages and e-mails, many of you have been waiting for me to share my thoughts on Cyberpunk 2077, and after putting well over 300 hours into the game I feel confident in opening my big fat mouth about it.  

Will Piedmont, AKA Cybersmily, of Cybersmilys Datafort, and I, have begun our own series of conversations on twitch called Tales From The Forlorn Dopes.  The first of which is part one of a multi-episode review of the game.  I very much enjoy my conversations with Will, and I hope this turns out well and that you all enjoy our chats.

We are hosted by Rob Mulligan on his Cyberpunk Uncensored Twitch Channel., Thank you Rob.

You can listen to us here: (Be warned, there is about 14:30 minutes of dead air at the start of video, not sure why..)

 Oh right, I talked about how all my video game characters are based on my Cyberpunk 2020 Nomad Swift... well, just for fun, here is a pictorial illustrating some of those characters...

These images are Swift as I drew him, my favorite RPG character of all time.

The Hero Forge miniature versions

Here he is in Saints Row 3 

Grand Theft Auto Online


Fallout 4


Even non modern or futuristic games like Conan Exiles and Red Dead Redemption 2

Fallout 76

And of course, Cyberpunk 2077