Wednesday, May 1, 2013


DATAFORTRESS 2020 has an absolutely massive update.

The Autumn Blade weapon catalog has been updated, not only with new guns and gear, but I have replaced the images of some of the old guns that just didn't look up to snuff.  I have also reorganized them.  For the guns this means they are organized not only by type, but by caliber, and alphabetically.  With the gear, and exotic weapons, its broken down by type and alphabetized as well.  I also did my best to correct some of the stats, especially prices, to make things more consistent. Now due to the weapon and gear catalog, a few other catalogs got updated as well... like the weapon, armor and gear sections of Nomad Market, and the clothing and armor from Cyber Fashion. 

If Guns and gear isn't your thing... then I have also updated Miracle Mile, the civilian vehicle catalog... hundred of new rides are now available, plus like Autumn Blade, the whole thing has been re-organized.  Vehicles are broken up into specific types, and then appear according to either Speed (for vehicles where thats what is important) or by Size (for the other vehicles), and of course you can still sort through them by manufacturer as well.  And like Autumn Blade I went through and corrected a bunch of the stats and prices. 

Special thanks to Seth Skorkowsky, who brings us Interlock Unlimited: Alchemy Unlimited.  Seth is working on smoothing out the arcane rules and working on a fantasy bestiaries and fantasy sourcebooks for IU as well, but in the meantime he has given us magic potions and how to make them to tide us over. 

While Miracle Mile is available as its own updated PDF, the Autumn Blade update is broken up into the "Ultimate"  series of PDF files. (Ultimate Handguns, Ultimate Rifles, Ultimate Submachineguns, Ultimate Shotguns, Ultimate Heavy Weapons, Ultimate Exotic Weapons, Ultimate Equipment)

And speaking of PDF files... I have saved the best for last.  Long time friend Andrew James (of Node 16 fame) has done us all the ultimate favor.  He, being a long time UK fan of Cyberpunk 2020 happened to possess the single most sought after fanzine in CP 2020 circles.  Something I myself have long been searching for... I have exhausted the web looking for some way to contact the mag's original publishers, but with no avail.  Andrew scanned in the pages of this incredibly rare magazine, and sent them to me, where I cleaned them up and re-assembled them, so we could make it available to everyone.  Have you guessed what I am talking about... PUNK 21' issue 1, the holy grail of Cyberpunk rarities!  If you are in the UK, buy Mr. James a beer, I prefer Scotch.

Oh, and as an afterthought, while the Datafortress 2020 File Project is down, I went ahead and made a single downloadable bundle of all the Datafortress 2020 Pdf's and files, the Archive Files, and all the Interlock Unlimited files... the only files this bundle doesn't contain are the images from my gallery.  It's a huge file (almost 800meg), but if you want it, it's in there, including all the newest files.  These files as well as several of the most recent or popularly requested files have been put on DROP BOX for immediate download, the links are found below.

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