Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Tales From The Forlorn Dopes has completed our 4 part Review of Cyberpunk 2077, now we tackle Red!


Greetings Programs,

Will, of Cybersmiley's Datafort and I approach the game from two different angles.  Where I focus more on fluff and rules, Will is a Code Cowboy, and has put out several utterly mind blowing applications, among them amazing character creators for 2020, Red, and Cybergeneration.  Lifepath generators, Netrunning applications, fashion calculators, and much more.  But we both have been playing this game pretty much since the beginning, and between the two of us, we are two of the only Cyberpunk 2020 megasite operators still active.

Will and I continue our conversations.  I was kind of nervous about it at first, but we are 5 episodes in now, and I gotta say it feels pretty natural and comfortable.  The goal is, we talk about Cyberpunk 2020 and all things even remotely related from the specific viewpoint of 2020 fans.

The first 4 episodes are our looong and ridiculously in depth review of Cyberpunk 2077, the video game based on Cyberpunk 2020, and the most controversial video game to come out in recent memory.  There is also a solo episode from Will, as I was down feeling the effects of my second Covid shot... ooof.  With episode 5 we begin our 2 part review of Cyberpunk Red.  Afterwards, we will continue to have our conversations, about various movies, shows, other games, both tabletop and video, and anything else even tangentially related, from the perspective of how it might relate to, or inspire, that Cyberpunk RPG life.

We are Tales From The Forlorn Dopes, and are hosted by Rob Mulligan on his Cyberpunk Uncensored channels on Twitch and Youtube.

You can catch us live every other Wednesday on Twitch here:  Tales From The Forlorn Dopes

Alternatively you can find the podcast archives here on Youtube: Tales From The Forlorn Dopes

As a side note, sadly, its that time again.  The hosting subscription for Datafortress 2020 is coming up for renewal, and as always, its expensive.  Please, if you like Datafortress and what it has provided you over the years, think about making a donation.  I know I don't update much these days, I am hoping to change that, but I hope the site still has some value to you.  Heck, even if your support is just kind words, I will take whatever love I can get.  I'm easy like that.




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  2. Hey, just wanted to let you know I'm really into datafortress, I use it very often when preparing for the next session of 2020. I've only gotten into the system in the past couple of years but it has been all consuming. Still lucky enough to have a tight knit group that enjoys the game, hope to see more from the site I'll definitely still be lurking lol.

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