Thursday, January 10, 2013

Teaser Trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 unleashed... my head just sploded...

The mood gives off a feeling of AD Police Files and Appleseed, with a hint of something greater.  This is just a teaser, but knowing the game is going to be an open world sandbox, I am unbelievably stoked.  The Aerodyne was cool, though I would have preferred to see an AV-6 of C-SWAT loaded for bear... but watch carefully and long time fans of the game will have a wonderful little easter egg in the video.

I literally could not possibly be more excited about a video game... or at least that's what I am saying until we see actual in game footage.

I am still waiting on host news, but in the meantime I am updating Miracle Mile, some new vehicles, replacing crappy images with better ones, fixing the stats, especially weights and prices, and reorganizing it so vehicles are listed by top speed so it will make it easier to sort out what you want.  Hopefully soon the main site host will stop fucking around, and I can update, cause the update just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  I also have a hell of a treat for everyone... I will be making available one of the rarest, nearly impossible to get your hands on items in the Cyberpunk 2020 catalogue, thanks to Andrew James, genius behind Node 13 and my main man in the UK.

Keep watching.


  1. Did you catch the hidden message in the trailer for CD Project Red? I got a screen shot of it if you haven't: