Monday, February 11, 2013

Interlock Unlimited... can it influence the Video Game?

So, over on the Cyberpunk 2077 video game forums, I have a thread up with a poll, asking a simple question.  Which set of rules would you like to see the video game try to emulate.  The poll has 5 options, 2-13 Interlock, 2020 Interlock, Fuzion, Interlock Unlimited and other, along with descriptions of each rules system and their relation to the game...

Somewhat surprisingly, while not many people have vote yet, the poll is a dead heat between 2020 Interlock and Interlock Unlimited.  Obviously this pleases me to no end...

However what would please me more is if more people voted... even if you don't vote for Interlock Unlimited (though I secretly hope you do)... I would like CDPR to have a clear understanding of which rules set the fans most want to see supported... since the video game will have direct impact on the next edition of the tabletop game.

So please, if you have registered at the forum, take a second to cast your vote, and if you haven't registered, do so... its a great place, and development in the game is at such an early stage that every voice matters, in all areas of game development and what the fans want from the game...

Friday, February 8, 2013

Forum and File Project back up.... who knows for how long

Ok.... The File project and forum are back up.... not sure how long it will last this time, so if you have been looking for a DF 2020 Sourcebook or file, or an Interlock Unlimited file, or have been looking for something off of the archive, grab it while you can.

Anyone who wants to join the DF2020 forum needs to send me an e-mail at wisdomooo at with the forum nick they are planning to use, and I will open registration for them... I generally have to keep it closed to keep the spammers and bullshit out.

Almost done with the Miracle Mile update.