Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I have had this update ready since 12-12-12... but the host server for the main site wouldn't let me log on with FTP.... a problem still not solved.  So instead, I uploaded the update manually... all 1000+files...

The big update is the first installments of the what will eventually be the complete Night City Guide, an expansion on the already incredible sourcebook from R. Talsorian games.  At the core of this expansion is the Night City Amalgamated Map and District Guide.  This first section details the Combat Zone, and details everything you could possibly want to know about the the people, the gangs, the locations, and the culture within Night City's most dangerous district.  This is the first, and by far the largest of the 108 Districts I plan to detail in such a manner.

I have also updated the links again.

And finally, because 110mb.com is still down (seriously, worst host ever) I have uploaded some heavily requested files to drop box and made the links to them available on the front page.  The full size Night City Amalgamated and District maps, the District Guide, The Guide To The Combat Zone, and a compilation file of all the relevant files needed to play Cyberpunk 2020 using Interlock Unlimited (Core Rules, Vehicle add-on, Martial Arts add-on, Drugs Add-on, The Cyberpunk 2020 IU conversion guide, character sheets, and the GM screen)

Oh, and I gave a slight update to the front page...

Anyway, check it all out by clicking here:


  1. You should post a paypal account so people could donate to help you host your files on a serious hosting service.

    Something with info like "100$ to pay for a full year, 56$ recolected so far."

  2. By the way ... I dodn't know R.Talsorian had a blog on wordpress. (rtalsoriangames dot wordpress dot com)

    They don't even have a link to it in their webpage. Weird.