Thursday, December 10, 2020



Cyberpunk Red is here, Cyberpunk 2077 is here.... FINALLY!  Something in 2020 went right, and its about damn time.  I am going to get completely lost in these games, coming up for breath, sleeping with the book next to me, controller in hand.  I have waited soooooo long for both of these items....  Reviews when I have had time to properly absorb them, immerse myself, drown myself in Cyberpunk fucking goodness! I will say, right off the bat, Cyberpunk Red is the single most beautiful RPG book I own, and Cyberpunk, is visually, the most perfect representation of Cyberpunk I have ever seen!


  1. So happy for you, dude! Have fun! Yours, Karsten

  2. Dude you're still here!! Wisdom000, my playgroup and I are long time fans of all the work you have done for the cyberpunk TTRPG community. Long before 2077 and Red you were one of our go-to resources for all things dark and cyberpunk. I know there for a while you were having issues with keeping the site going and stuff and I remember having a convo with my brother saying, dude I hope that Wisdom000 guy gets to play 2077 and red because he has dumped so much effort into this universe. So I just stumbled on your blog and seeing this makes me SO GODDAMN happy for you man! You rock and even though tons of new cyberpunk fans may never know your name, to us OG boosters, you may as well be a drink at the Afterlife. Take care man!

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