Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A few more steps to the next finish line...

The writing for the latest Datafortress 2020 update is done... all but a few credits to add, and I need to decide whether to do a table of contents, is all thats left of the writing bits.  I combined the Guide to the Combat Zone with Gangs of the Combat Zone (other sections of the city will have much fewer gangs, so it makes more sense to just have all the information in one place.  The only really awful part left to do is cut it all up and convert it to html format for the website version (its easier to write for pdf, then convert, much less tricky with formatting).

Glaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah this one took soooo bloody long.  Gonna need a break after this.  Not a break from the site really, just gonna have to work on something else for a while before I get to the next Guide entry.  Maybe I will update Autumn Blade, or Miracle Mile... I dunno... but I know my brain needs a break from trying to be clever.

And before you start, yes I know, the site is all kinds of messed up, still waiting to here from someone who offered to host the site, but if I don't hear from him soon I am just gonna finally break down and buy webspace.  With unemployment coming quickly to an end, and jobs still eluding me, that's kind of a pipe dream at the moment though.

Anyway, just sharing the good news, will give an official anouncement when things are done and I can release the goods.  Thanks everyone for being patient.


  1. What about asking RTalsorian or the guys at CDProjekt to host it? I mean, Mike Pondsmith directed them towards it, didn't he? Maybe they liked it enough to give some hosting... :)

  2. Hi the data fortress site is down do you have an eta on when it will be up?

    1. Raz, Wisdom000 posted a couple times in the past that the host was all sorts of screwed up. And as you can read in this very same entry, he's looking on options for new hosting. All we can do is wait.