Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Get your NC Amalgamated maps here...

Ok, while the File Poject and forums have been down, I have been receiving a ton of requests for the full Sized Night City Amalgamated Map.  It is too large to send via e-mail, but thats ok, I have a new dropbox account, so anyone who wants it can simply go here:

This should make downloading it easy.

If you are wanting any of the other files from the File Project (like the latest version of Interlock Unlimited), just shoot me an e-mail at wisdom000(a), or reply to this post with your e-mail, and I will get them to you.

I have finished the Gangs section of the Combat zone, it alone is 124 pages... I am working on finishing the rest of the Guide to the Combat Zone now, it will be the first of many guide sections, which will hopefully detail the entirety of the new map.

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