Friday, March 15, 2013

Just a progress report...

So.... the File Project and Forums were up for about a week, then went down again, hard... and I didn't get the opportunity to download current copies of them, to try and put them elsewhere... sigh... because I am an idiot... and mostLY because my computer was already screaming at me as I was tacxing it to its limit on my current projects...

The update to Miracle Mile is done... both the PDF version and the Website version have been somewhat re-organized, new vehicles added, fixed a lot of the prices and stats, yay... but I am not putting either version up yet... as I am knee deep in the middle of updating the Ultimate Weapons Catalogs/Autumn Blade gear and equipment....  again new stuff, plus a total re-organization.. Each weapon type will be subdivided first into type and size, then further into ammunition type, and done in alphabetical order.  The Doc file for Handguns is done, almost done with SMG's, will probably do Rifles after that...  I also not only am fixing up the prices and stats, but also replacing a lot of the old images.  So that french site that has copied half my site is going to have a lot of work to do to remain viable, as at least 50% of the weapons I have done so far have required a change on some level... usually in price or ammo capacity or both.

I am waiting till I am done with the weapons to post the Miracle Mile Update... but I also have a very special treat for all the fans, made possible by my awesome connection in the UK, Andrew James of Node 16... I don;t want to reveal the details too soon, but its something that every hard core Cyberpunk 2020 collector has been looking for, and most thought they would never see it.

So keep checking in, good things are coming.

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