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Friday, August 12, 2016

I've got spurs that jingle jangle jingle.....

Writing for the site again, it's going slow, but I finally have enough of a foundation that the train is moving... I have am picking scabs at dozens of new entries for the district guide, and in fact have a solid outline for pretty much the entirety of the project detailing Night city beyond the sourcebook. I have collaborators on that project I believe that I am excited to be working with, John and Nancy Taft...John and I are kind of Heart Bypass buddies, we had them at roughly the same time, but we are long time Cyberpunk pals. That's in addition to some of the small contributions to the District Guide project made by others over the years. Anyone else who wants to collaborate on the project, if you have ideas from your campaign you wanna see made into Datafortress 2020 canon, please get with me, here, on facebook, or by e-mail. I am also giving lots of thought to Glass Road, and think I might be moving forward on that simultaneously. And finally, I have a side project, not related to Datafortress, one I may actually try and sell/get published... its a couple of ideas that have been kicking around my head for a while. I also think I may have finally figured out a position I can run game from, so I might be running an online game or two very soon. Any of my CP peeps, or any of my friends really if you wanna try something new, if interested, let me know as above...

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