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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Finally, I have gone through and meticulously cleaned up all the broken links (I hope), and replaced all the old links to e-mail me with my new e-mail address ( I also used the opportunity to clean up some of the image heavy pages where things would get jumbled and difficult to read. Removed most of the background images that made reading some pages a headache (especially Lost Angeles and Autumn Blade) and in general just cleaned things up a bit. I hope you guys enjoy the effects of this maintenance run, and please, if you find a broken link, or an e-mail pointing to the old *droc* addy, let me know.


  1. link to autumn blade from under L-36 gives a 404

  2. also may want to have a look at this page re: "background images that made reading some pages a headache"

  3. Thanks, i FIXED THE conflict page. The Ocean Gear page on the other hand was written by someone else, so I am leaving it as they originally presented lol.