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Monday, December 31, 2012

Night City in all its glory...

The hosts are still tits up for DF2020, the site is displaying, but I cannot get into it via ftp to upload the updates, and the host for the forums/file project is still down completely.... man fuck do not use them for anything, ever... except as an example for absolute shit in customer service and reliability.  But none of that is what I am here to talk to you about today... I am her to talk about this:
That my friends is the Night City Amalgamated map printed out and sent to me by my new favorite fan, Mr. Gee.  The map is so huge that this is only at 70% of its actual size.... at full size it would be pretty much impossible to hand.  The map arrived back in mid November, as 6 AI sized sheets.  I would have made this post thanking him sooner, but first I had to get it trimmed, laminated, assembled and hung, which I only was able to get around to doing just recently.  The pictures are a bit fuzzy, blame my unsteady hand... but the detail is absolutely perfect.  It is absolutely amazing. I am sorry Mr. Gee, that I waited so long to thank you properly, but know that you have my eternal gratitude and respect.... you are the man now dog...

Here is another shot... for scale I don't have a measuring tape handy, but its at least 5 feet x five feet...Mr. Gee is awesome indeed.... and did I mention its printed on Photpaper.... the gaming room has a new centerpiece...

If either of the hosts ever get their shit together and I can get the updates posted I will anounce it here.  In the meantime to pass time, and to take a break from relentless flavortext and fluff writing, I am working on an update for Miracle Mile... not only adding new vehicles, but fixing the stats, especially the prices, and re-organizing the whole thing so the vehicles are ordered by type and top speed. So should make it easier to sort through while looking for something just right for your character.


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